Scott Pete Braunschweiger has been made the same way for years. And it should be, because there’s no point to changing a perfect recipe. Try some from the deli counter or grab a convenient 16 oz package.

Pork Sausage Roll

Breakfast anytime is how we describe fresh Scott Pete Pork Sausage Roll. The traditional, savory flavor will bring back memories of all those great morning meals you had with your family.

Salami & Pepperoni

Scott Pete Salami and Pepperoni are in a class by themselves. Our dry Salamis are seasoned and peppered with our special blend of spices. It’s perfection in every bite. Combine the Salamis and make a delicious Italian sub sandwich.

Liver Cheese

Each bite of Scott Pete Liver Cheese is like bite of history. Made the old fashioned way, its flavor will remind you of yesteryear. try it on crackers with mustard.

Pickle & Pimento Loaf

An all-time favorite for kids and adults our special Scott Pete Pickle & Pimento Loaf recipe makes a memorable sandwich or is great on a cracker for a quick snack or appetizer.

Old Fashioned Loaf

It’s called old fashioned because Scott Pete Old Fashioned Loaf is made the traditional way, with a select blend of spices. Our Old Fashioned Loaf is a staple you’ve relied on for years.

Head Cheese

Head cheese has been a part of the culinary scene since the Middle Ages. That’s because it’s delicious. Scott Pete Head Cheese uses a special blend of spices to create a tasty update to this classic product.


Made the way we have for almost 100 years, Scott Pete® brings you a quality cut of meat and delicious flavor in our Sliced Bacon. Fry up a regular slice or try the thick slice for breakfast, appetizers or to accent a salad.

Deli Style Bologna

Scott Pete Deli Style Bologna brings back memories of your favorite bologna sandwich as a kid. Our perfect blend of spices helps you make your version of “The Great American Sandwich.”

Wieners & Franks

We know a thing or two about making hot dogs. We’ve been doing it for a long, long time. Our Wieners & Franks are made with a perfected blend of spices. Try some on your next picnic.